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COVID-19 (coronavirus)


Dear Customers, this is a safety notice to you to let you know that we are continuing to take all appropriate measures for dealing with the scenarios presented by the spread of the coronavirus.

When it comes to health, our shop Havana's Burgers & Shakes - Fishponds wants what’s best for our staff and our customers. We all share a responsibility to do the right things in this situation.

Please be aware that our food is kept safe on delivery. We pack it up carefully and we will use a sticker to seal every meal.

The most up-to-date recommendations focus on social distancing to help prevent the spread of illness. So, in order to help you Dear Customer follow this guidance, you can now request contactless deliveries for your card payment orders by using the notes box on our website.

Please leave a specific and clear request for the driver, for example, to ring the doorbell and leave the food outside the front door when it’s delivered and please make sure your phone is always reachable for any further need.

E.g. "Please leave my food on the doorstep and ring the bell to let me know it’s delivered."

For all the latest official information on Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit Public Health England and NHS websites.

We will deal with it and we will back to normality soon!!!!

Havana's Burgers's & Shakes- Fishponds